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Popular Datasets

The company has the largest datasets currently existing in the world. More than 1000 datasets span over 190 languages and are used in many different fields including ASR, TTS, CV, NLP, OCR, and Lexicon. The datasets contain 50-odd different types of service scenarios, including smart home, intelligent driving, virtual host, audiobook, intelligent finance, intelligent safeguarding, and intelligent search.

3D Point Cloud Labeling

d on over a hundred patents, software copyrights, and an industry-leading R&D team, DataOcean AI has developed a semi-automatic 3D point cloud labeling platform using independently researched algorithms. This platform can assure data security, realize scale processing of 3D point cloud data and man-machine coordination, reduce cost, increase efficiency and achieve data accuracy of above 98%.

Industrial Solutions

DataOcean AI has maintained in-depth cooperation with 700+ renowned enterprises around the world. It offers deep insights into the application and advancement of AI technology across several industries. Besides, The company is able to provide whole-process services from project design through data collection, annotation, and delivery for more than 50 industrial areas, while remaining attentive to frontier expectations.

Data Design

The global expert team may design and select the optimal data design through evaluation d on scientific research direction and the service requirements to match your algorithm model, to ensure proper sample proportion or phoneme balancing and effective control of the budget.

Data Collection

Superior resources in over 70 countries around the world, services in 170+ languages and dialects, 500,000 professionals in various industries and the industry's largest voice actor platform to help your machine learning project proceed smoothly.

Data Annotation

Over a thousand independently studied annotation tools are available on the independently researched integrated data platform, which can be combined to satisfy the annotation needs of complicated service scenarios. The platform includes every step of the process, including demand evaluation, design, collection, annotation, and quality inspection. Data security management is implemented throughout the process to ensure data security risk control and personal privacy protection by the implementation of a full life cycle data warehouse that works in conjunction with a full-time security management system.

Professional advantages

Global Resource Guarantee

The company has partners and resources spreading around the world, human resources of professional backgrounds in dozens of industries, and supports 190+ languages and dialects

Scientific and Rigorous Data Security and Compliance Management

The company has obtained certification of authoritative systems including ISO IEC27701 and ISO IEC 27001, with data security and compliance safeguarded throughout the process

Technical Support and Professional Teams

The company provides industry-leading technical support It has been involved in this field for nearly 20 years and developed over a thousand independently researched and developed annotation tools It has a specialized annotation team with designated project managers These all contribute to highly effective and accurate delivery

One-Stop Data Solutions

The company accepts customization and provides whole-process data solutions Specific services include data design and implementation (collection - cleansing - desensitization - annotation)