Advantages in Design Service

Advanced Algorithm Aid Throughout the Process

Algorithms aid the whole process from training data design, collection, processing, and quality inspection. For data demand in leading and complex scenarios, data designs that match corresponding algorithm models established d on algorithms and technical aspects are developed to help customers realize efficient data preparation, cost control, and accelerated implementation of new projects.

Experience in Successful Project Management

DataOcean AI has been thoroughly and passionately involved in AI data services for two decades. During that time, the company has supported customers with data services for sign language synthesis, multi-person voice recognition at large conferences, piloted driving, and other complex scenarios. The company has completed more than ten thousand projects for customers throughout the world and has gained extensive experience in frontier exploration. As a result, it is able to assist clients in entering new markets from the data design perspective.

Scientific Research Support & a Team of Linguistic Experts

The company has deep cooperation with numerous organizations in the industry-university-research field. For example, it has initiated the OLR competition with Tsinghua University and Xiamen University to gather global outstanding technical talents for discussion and exchange, and established a joint language lab with Peking University to boost the development of AI technology.

Additionally, it has a team of more than 10 linguists who can support frontier exploration and design through their extensive knowledge of minority languages, and phonology in complex situations.

Design Capability

DataOcean AI wins the first-mover advantage with professional AI training data design in tasks of any complexity

Data Design for Piloted Driving

Data Design for Digital Human

Data Design for Cross-Modal Retrieval

Data Design for Voiceprint Recognition

Data Design for Sentiment Judgment

Data Design for Multi-People Conversational Speech Recognition in a Complex Envi

Data Design for In-Car Intelligence

Data Design for Sign Language Synthesis & Recognition

VR&AR Data Design

Data Design for Industrial Knowledge Mapping

In response to customers' algorithm models, best matching data designs are developed for customers from technical and algorithm perspectives. For example, in high-speed unmanned freight scenarios variable lighting conditions and weather conditions have to be considered, while in piloted driving in urban areas, pedestrians, traffic congestion, lane lines, and other complicated conditions have to be considered.

Service Process

Demand evaluation

Technology & algorithm model communication


Design acceptance