Data Annotation

Advantages in Data Annotation

Professional Data Annotation Service Team

The professional annotation team achieves high efficiency and accuracy.

Project-specific managers are designated for the entire multi-dimensional control.

Self-built annotation s and standardized management processes guarantee professionalism.

Secure and Compliant with High Efficiency and Superior Quality

The integrated data platform and independent R&D of annotation tools support private deployment and ensure efficient quality delivery.

Strict data security measures are taken with separate reviews and a complete risk control mechanism.

World-Leading Annotation Techniques

The company has industry-leading algorithms and over one thousand annotation tools that have been developed through years of practice and have been evolving  d on continuous innovation.

Global Resource Placement

The company has partners and resources in dozens of countries worldwide; supporting over 190 languages and dialects.

The company has employed talents from cross-sector professional backgrounds, such as medical care, finance, and education.

Annotation Service Capacity

ASR Annotation Service

Orthographic transcription annotation

Voice-to-text transcription

Pronunciation lexicon making

Noise annotation

Environment annotation

Gender annotation

Region annotation

Field annotation

TTS Annotation Service

Orthographic transcription

Pronunciation proofreading

Stress labeling

POS tagging

Prosody labeling

Phoneme boundary labeling

Pronunciation lexicon making

Song MIDI labeling

CV Annotation Service

Picture labeling

2D&3D joint labeling

Semantic segmentation

Point cloud labeling

Point cloud word segmentation

Point cloud tracking annotation

Point cloud consecutive labeling

Panoramic segmentation

Video annotation/video tagging

Multi-modal labeling

OCR Annotation Service

It relates to the selection, transcription, and recognition of texts in images, and supports major applications such as building remote identity recognition (ID certificate recognition), content review, and digitalization of printed s and notes.

NLP Annotation Service


POS tagging

Named entity recognition

Syntactic analysis

Word sense disambiguation

Semantic role labeling

Emotional attribute labeling

Information extraction

Synonymous labeling

Text orthographic transcription

Text classification


Application Scenarios

Content Review

Professional annotations are used for legal compliance identification of content in Q&A comments, nickname signatures, diary posts, malicious promotion, graphic atlases, and bullet screens in audios and videos.

Intelligent Driving

Core features include picture dropdown, lane line, DMS, 3D point cloud, 2D/3D fusion, and panoramic word sense segmentation; data annotation for scenarios such as piloted driving, intelligent cabin, and automatic parking is supported.

Smart Security

Core capabilities include facial landmarks, skeletal keypoints, human bounding boxes, video segmentation, object tracking, semantic segmentation, and other annotation types, supporting data annotation for scenarios such as safe city monitoring, vehicle and pedestrian flow analysis, and facial recognition.

Smart Home

Core features include voice-to-text transcription, behavior intention recognition, voiceprint recognition, domain recognition, and statement generalization; data annotation for scenarios such as intelligent speaker, smart TV, and smart robot cleaner is supported.

Intelligent Finance

Core features include vehicle insurance appraisal, dialogue transcription, named entity recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), human face tagging and risk control data, annotation; data annotation for scenarios such as identity recognition, intelligent risk control, and smart counter is supported.

New Retail

Core features include commodity classification recognition, note recognition and transcription, costume selection box, commodity attribute, facial , and target tracking; data annotation for scenarios such as intelligent community, self-service counter, and virtual fitting is supported.

Annotation Service Process

Demand evaluation

Labeling design confirmation

Trial labeling

Quality confirmation

Batch labeling