ASR Service

Applicable Scenarios

DataOcean AI's speech recognition data service can be customized to meet the needs of dozens of different industry segments, including design customization, environmental simulation modeling, corpus design, speech data collection and transcription, and pronunciation lexicon making.

Speech Review

Voice- d Song Identification

Financial Anti-Fraud

Whisper Speech

Dialectal Speech

Far-Field Speech in Home Scenario

Multilingual Conversational Speech

Conference Speech

Emotional Speech

In-Car Speech

Task Type

DataOcean AI has provided services to over thousands of projects accumulatively, enabling customers to explore diverse task types in the field of speech recognition technology

Background Noise

Command Word Recognition

Wake Word Recognition

Minority Language Recognition

Far-Field Recognition


Voiceprint Recognition

Data Collection and Annotation Services

Topic Labeling

Role Labeling

Domain Labeling

Region Labeling

Gender Labeling

Environment Labeling

Noise Labeling

Pronunciation Lexicon Making

Voice-to-Text Transcription

Orthographic Transcription Labeling

Service Process

Demand evaluation

Project preparation stage

Project design

Speaker selection

Demo collection

Quality confirmation

Project implementation stage

Corpus design

Batch collection

Transcription labeling

Lexicon making

Man-machine coordination

Batch quality inspection

Sample inspection by customer

Delivery & after-sales service