TTS Service

Online Audition of Speakers With Different Voice Styles

Gentle and Sweet Voice in Japanese

Male's Voice in Korean

Female’s Voice in French

Gentle Female’s Voice in British English

Emotional and Sweet Female’s Voice in Chinese

Boy’s Film Dubbing Voice in Thai

Male's Voice in Russian

Girl’s Voice in Spanish

Young Male’s Voice in Chinese

Girl’s Live Broadcasting Voice in Chinese

Male's Voice in Shenyang Dialect

Premium Hardware for Superior Voice Quality

Professional Recording Studios

The background noise level in the recording studio is 18db(A), significantly lower than the international standard of 30db(A); the reverberation time is RT60(500Hz)200ms.

Industrial Recording Equipment

The recording studio offers high-standard industrial recording equipment, including Neumann TLM103/U87/M149 and AKG C4000/C4000b/c414 microphones to secure high-quality voices

World-leading Voice Actor Platform

Video recording in the voice actor studio

Data Recording and Annotation for Synthesis

MIDI Labeling

Sentiment Labeling

Pronunciation Lexicon Making

POS Tagging

Phoneme Boundary Labeling

Pronunciation Proofreading

Prosody Labeling

Orthographic Transcription

Service Process

Demand evaluation

Project preparation stage

Project design

Speaker selection

Sample voice collection for testing

Quality confirmation

Project implementation stage

Corpus design



Additional recording and annotation

Batch quality inspection

Sample inspection by customers

Confirmation, delivery & after-sales service