CV Service

Applicable Scenarios

DataOcean AI's computer vision data service caters to the customization needs in dozens of industry segments, covering design customization, environmental simulation modeling, sample design, image/video collection, and annotation; it also supports complex cross-operation scenarios and long-tail scenarios.

Smart Home

Pedestrian Detection

Driver's Behavior Detection

Smart City

Intelligent Transportation

Piloted driving

Virtual Anchor

Lip Language Recognition

Intelligent Finance

Intelligent Security

Task Type

DataOcean AI has provided services for thousands of projects. It has Xsens, fisheye cameras, 3D space scanners, infrared cameras and other professional collection devices, as well as an independently researched and developed data annotation platform, to support customers completing multiple types of tasks in the computer vision field.

Video Abstract

Motion Tracking

Target Tracking

Target Detection & Classification

Facial Anti-Spoofing

3D Face & Gesture Modeling

Human Body Gesture Recognition

Face Recognition


Data Collection and Annotation Services

Multi-Modal Annotation

Point Cloud Annotation

Video Tagging

OCR Annotation

Panoramic Segmentation

Point Cloud Consecutive Annotation

Point Cloud Tracking Annotation

Face Annotation

2D&3D Joint Annotation

Rectangular Box Annotation

Service Process

Demand evaluation

Project preparation stage

Project design

Small-batch trial sample collection and standard application

Quality confirmation

Project implementation stage

Batch collection

Man-machine coordination

Batch quality inspection

Sample inspection by customer

Confirmation, delivery & after-sales service