Smart Home

Application Scenarios

Realize precise interaction between people and intelligent devices in home scena


Whole-house intelligent central control

Multi-modal diversified training data of various scenarios helps achieve accurate mutual sensing and interaction between household appliances, and contributes to the development of a fully intelligent home Image data of general s, pets, and people of different ages and genders, and daily content and speech data for voiceprint recognition enable recognize of different members of the family to achieve intelligent feedback and interaction


Intelligent home applications

Including intelligent audio devices, intelligent televisions, cleaning robots, companion robots, visual doorbells, intelligent locks, intelligent lamps, intelligent air conditioners, intelligent fans, intelligent electric cookers, intelligent kitchen ventilators, and other intelligent home appliances

Customization Service Capacity

Customized Collection

Extensive experience in intelligent home data collection helps collection customization in over 190 languages d on the needs of application scenarios 

Wake word/command word collection

Designated corpus collection

Behavior and motion data collection

Environmental noise data collection

Emotion type collection

Collection of 3D data in home environments



High-Quality Annotation

Independently researched and developed annotation platform, self-built annotation , man-machine coordinated annotation, and multiple-level review by specialists of professional backgrounds guarantee annotation accuracy and efficiency

Speech-to-text transcription annotation

Voiceprint recognition annotation

Statement generalization annotation

Word segmentation

Emotional speech recognition annotation

Rectangular box/polygon box annotation

Intention annotation



Advantages in Customization Service

One-Stop Data Solutions

The company accepts customization and provides whole-process data solutions. Spe

Leading Technology and Professional Teams

Industry-leading technical support, nearly two decades of practice, and over a t

Specialized annotation team, designated project managers, abundant resource supp

Scientific and Rigorous Data Security Management

The company obtained qualification certification of authoritative systems includ

To achieve whole-process data control, the company has researched and developed

Global Resource Guarantee

The company has partners and resources all over the world, supports more than 19

Empowering Customers