Application Scenarios

IT and Internet

Higher quality data helps smarter applications render better user experience


Intelligent applications

Video tagging, paraphrasing, sentiment analysis, and other annotations may help news display, information retrieval, and information clustering, and improve user experience Multilingual and multi-scenario speech, image, video, and text data collection and annotation can be used in chatbot, speech search, cross-modal retrieval, online Q&A, and other intelligent applications


Interactive entertainment

Multilingual and multi-scenario speech, image and text data contribute to research and development of intelligent makeup, voice change, interaction, voice analog synthesis products used for entertainment

Intelligent Search

Data of high-quality annotation helps your application sense and understand intelligence 

Make more precise, more accommodative, and more intelligent search applications


Text and image retrieval

Mapping relations between images and texts are established from multiple perspectives to provide image- d text retrieval and text- d image retrieval in segmented and multilingual environments, providing users with the best retrieval experience


Video retrieval

Multilingual and multi-industrial video abstract extraction and multi-dimensional tagging to assist users to achieve simple search and reference through text and speech; this will also boost the fast growth of your applications in the video era


High-level semantic search

d on fine granularity and multiple-perspective training annotation data, the user s ive can be precisely determined to improve the user s search experience


Text abstract

OCR and semantic feature extraction of different carriers (text or image) and different languages can be customized to different extents, making it convenient for the user to conduct searches in multiple forms

Social Software

High-quality training data helps develop a more intelligent application experience

Make more accommodating and personalized products


Voice assistant

Speech recognition models can interact with voices from distant and close fields, between different devices, and in noisy surroundings due to data in more than 190 different languages These data, which cover a variety of groups and types, include data on children s speech, dialect accented speech, and more


Text and image retrieval

Image and text data abstract and mapping annotation help applications achieve more intelligent, convenient, and powerful image- d and text- d image retrieval


Content review

Video tagging, parsing, and other annotations can help recognize unlawful content, such as content relating to pornography, violence, terrorism, and abuse


Comment and sentiment analysis

Semantic feature extraction and positive negative sentiment analysis can be used on social media and e-commerce shopping platforms to achieve public opinion monitoring and user comment analysis

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