Data Evaluation

Advantages of Evaluation Service

Global Team of Linguistic Experts

DataOcean AI has a team of over 20 linguistic experts with profound knowledge and professional insight into minority languages and phonology in complex scenarios. Members are distributed at top language labs around the world.

Support Design of Test Corpora in 190+ Languages

For almost two decades, DataOcean AI has been profoundly and meticulously involved in the AI data service field and has witnessed worldwide resource allocation. It can  ively and fully evaluate and rate synthesis systems for 190+ languages and dialects utilizing worldwide native speaker resources.

Experience in Scientific and Complete Project Management

With years of development in the field, DataOcean AI has acquired a wealth of hands-on experience and formed a set of scientific and complete service procedures, ensuring the seamless completion of the process from customer demanding to the output of results, and securing ive and stable results.

Evaluation Service Capacity

MOS Evaluation

Evaluate the clarity and natural fluency of synthetic audios through general listening.

Preference Evaluation

Compare audio outputs from different synthesis systems through general listening, and assist in the selection of more natural and clearer audios.

Front-end Evaluation

Evaluate the accuracy of TN, pronunciation (including pitch, polyphone, and rhotic accent, among others), prosody, and participles as POS.

Service Process

Understanding the demand

Formulating an evaluation plan

Listening for evaluation and rating

Analyzing the evaluation results

Preparing an evaluation analysis report