Smart Campus

Application Scenarios

Teaching software and hardware products are able to achieve better human-machine


Intelligent campuses

Face, posture, s, and motion annotation are used to develop and establish a classroom behavior monitoring system, a monitoring system for cheating during exams, and an on-campus security system


Automatic review

Parsing of text and tag extraction enables automatic text classification, as well as automatic grading, correcting, and scoring of exam papers, promoting self-learning efficiency and quality


Photo- d question answering searches

Multilingual and multi-type OCR or handwriting data collection and annotation achieve photo- d question answering search, adaptive learning, and other personalized teaching features


Pronunciation evaluation

Multi-dimensional pronunciation evaluation data obtained through the evaluation of consistency, accuracy, fluency, completeness, and prosodic features d on different granularities of phonemes, words, sentences and paragraphs This can be used for grading oral language learning and makes the automatic grading for oral language evaluation applications more accurate and ive

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One-Stop Data Solutions

The company accepts customization and provides whole-process data solutions. Spe

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Industry-leading technical support, nearly two decades of practice, and over a t

Specialized annotation team, designated project managers, abundant resource supp

Scientific and Rigorous Data Security Management

The company obtained qualification certification of authoritative systems includ

To achieve whole-process data control, the company has researched and developed

Global Resource Guarantee

The company has partners and resources all over the world, supports more than 19

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