Smart City

Application Scenarios

Contributing to the development of products that incorporate multimodal fusion o


Urban super-brain

Collection and annotation of speech, image and textual data in public infrastructure scenarios, including urban streets, road traffic, service centers, construction sites and garbage collection sites, assisting to develop a city super-brain to realize a more convenient public service management


Intelligent government operations

Mass annotation data can train 24-7 voice text customer services to answer citizens questions, process transactions, develop reception bots, and build a highly efficient and considerate government service system for the convenience of the public


Intelligent transportation

Vehicle, pedestrian and road image and video annotation data and service boost the building of intelligent traffic platforms to greatly improve travel experience


Smart community

Annotation data of mass 3D and 2D face and posture images as well as speech and texts can be used in facial recognition- d access control, abnormal behavior detection and target tracking for building smart and secure communities for the convenience of their residents

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The company accepts customization and provides whole-process data solutions. Spe

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Industry-leading technical support, nearly two decades of practice, and over a t

Specialized annotation team, designated project managers, abundant resource supp

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The company obtained qualification certification of authoritative systems includ

To achieve whole-process data control, the company has researched and developed

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The company has partners and resources all over the world, supports more than 19

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