NLP Service

Applicable Scenarios

DataOcean AI's natural language processing data service supports different languages and dialects and covers corpus design, collection, and annotation services for dozens of industry segments such as medical care, customer service, finance, and transportation; it is intended to help customers in text chatbot development, search relevance, sentiment analysis and content assessment for scenarios in different domains

Intelligent Education

In-Car Application

Smart Home

Intelligent Transportation

Intelligent Government Operations

Games and Entertainment

Intelligent Administration of Justice

AI Host

Finance and Insurance

Intelligent Customer Service


Medical Care and Health

Task Type

DataOcean AI has provided services to over thousands of projects accumulatively. It collaborates with global professionals in various fields, and supports customers in exploring the natural processing of different languages in the world

Search Relevance

Sentiment Analysis

Intention Judgment

Text Abstract

Intelligent Q&A


Reading Comprehension

Machine Translation

Data Collection and Annotation Services

Knowledge Mapping

Domain and Intention Labeling

Parallel Corpus

Webpage Quality Evaluation

Q&A Labeling

Relevance Labeling

Abstract Extraction

Text Generalization

Text Clustering

Text Classification

Orthographic Text Transcription

Synonymous Labeling

Information Extraction

Emotional Attribute Labeling

Semantic Role Labeling

Word Sense Disambiguation


Named Entity Recognition

POS Tagging


Service Process

Demand evaluation

Project preparation stage

Project design

Trial sample collection for testing

Quality confirmation

Project Implementation Stage

Batch collection

Man-machine coordination

Batch quality inspection

Sample inspection by customer

Confirmation, delivery & after-sales service