Multimodal Services

Applicable Scenarios

DataOcean AI's superior technological capabilities, global expert team, and experience in cooperation with top customers enable it to predict the AI front-trends, provide valuable support for customers’ ongoing multimodal technologies application exploration and customize data for complex scenarios.

Visual Question Answering

Cross-Modal Retrieval

Poster Design

Video Dubbing

Picture- d Story Telling

Multi-Modal Translation

Autopilot Driving

Virtual Idol

Anti-Fraud Facial Recognition

Virtual Anchor

Sign Language Host

Task Type

With cumulative service for thousands of projects, DataOcean AI can assist clients in exploring increasingly diversified tasks in the multimodal field.

Cross-Modal Image and Text Retrieval

Multimodal Named Entity Recognition

Multilingual Translation

Voice- d Image Generation

Visual Description

3D Face and Body Modeling

Text- d Image/Video Generation

Data Transcription and Annotation Service

In-Car Video Collection and Annotation

Video Classification/Labeling/Abstract

3D&2D Joint Annotation

3D Human Face/Body Posture Annotation

Service Process

Demand evaluation

Project preparation stage

Project design

Small-batch trial sample collection and standard application

Quality confirmation

Project implementation stage

Batch collection

Man-machine coordination

Batch quality inspection

Sample inspection by customer

Confirmation, delivery & after-sales service