Application Scenarios

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Agricultural IoT

Collection and annotation of image and video data on crops and operating behaviors under different weather and light conditions in agricultural scenarios can help the research and development of intelligent agricultural tour inspection and intelligent irrigation systems


Industrial IoT

Collection, processing, and annotation of image and speech data in industrial scenarios can facilitate the development of industrial tour inspection robots, automatic quality inspection of industrial parts, product defect and wear inspection, and improve the level of intelligence in industrial scenarios


Consumer IoT

Collection and annotation of multilingual wakeup command word data, Q&A speech interaction data in home scenarios, and in-car speech interaction data can be applied to smart phones, wearable equipment, intelligent home appliances, and other applications and products used on a daily basis


Commercial IoT

With collection, annotation, and processing of data on facial s, body posture, and conversational speech in different commercial scenarios, it is possible to build intelligent buildings, intelligent property management, intelligent offices, and intelligent medical service systems

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