Intelligent Finance

Application Scenarios

High-quality data helps develop AI+ financial products with core competitiveness


Intelligent marketing

speech, image, and text data collection and annotation of customer service centers, outbound new product promotion, promotion reach, return visits, online QA, and other scenarios can help develop intelligent marketing service applications


Identity verification & financial assistant

image and speech training data and services involving faces, irises, voiceprints, and command words provide data support for identity verification, transaction, inquiry, and other operations in different scenarios, and can help applications attain high sensitivity and high recognition accuracy


Intelligent risk control

3D face & body data collection and modeling, plus anti-spoofing data collection and annotation, can improve the system accuracy and security in an overall manner


Supply chain finance

the collection and annotation of text, speech, image, and OCR data in the field can help sort information about entities at different levels in a financial chain, build knowledge mapping of and clarify relations between related transactions, and contribute to the development of an intelligent and secure financial chain system

Customization Service Capacity

Customized Collection

Extensive experience in intelligent finance data collection helps collection customization d on the needs of application scenarios

Note information collection

Insurance subject data collection

Emotion type data collection

Conversational speech data collection



High-Quality Annotation

Independently researched and developed annotation platform, self-built annotation , man-machine coordinated annotation, and multiple-level review by specialists of professional backgrounds guarantee annotation accuracy and efficiency

Vehicle insurance appraisal

Conversation transcription

Named entity recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Face labeling

Risk control data labeling



Advantages in Customization Service

One-Stop Data Solutions

The company accepts customization and provides whole-process data solutions. Spe

Leading Technology and Professional Teams

Industry-leading technical support, nearly two decades of practice, and over a t

Specialized annotation team, designated project managers, abundant resource supp

Scientific and Rigorous Data Security Management

The company obtained qualification certification of authoritative systems includ

To achieve whole-process data control, the company has researched and developed

Global Resource Guarantee


Empowering Customers